Surprising Truth About Learning How to Fight and Self Defense

There are a lot of instructors and articles out there that supposedly teach you how to ‘learn how to fight’ by giving you some secret move or suggesting some ‘ultimate fighting style’ etc. The truth is, this is all a bunch of ‘BS’. Too many of the ‘experts’ out there are focusing on the wrong ideas. I have been working in the self defense industry for about 20 years and have seen it all and heard it all.Here is what I have learned: Guys want to learn how to fight for 1 of 2 reasons.They have been picked on or attacked and need a way to protect themselves.
They are unsure of themselves in a violent conflict or scared they won’t be able to protect their loved ones (i.e. not sure how they would react in the heat of the moment).Most guys fall into category #2. This is simply because most guys have never been in a fight. Despite the fact that most guys have never been in a fight, as men we are, according to society, supposed to know how to fight and be able to protect their families.For the majority of men out there this creates an anxiety or fear that they will not be able to perform their duty if they have to fight to protect themselves or their family. This introduction may seem a little off topic (if you are reading this you obviously want to know how to fight), but believe me knowing exactly why you want to learn how to fight is just as important as the learning to fight part.Confidence is Key: but not the ‘I’m proud of the person I am’ kind of confidence. Real animalistic confidenceThe truth is it all comes down to confidence. Having confidence (and the right set of fighting tools) will help you win any fight. Without confidence you don’t stand a chance. What is even more important, but rarely talked about is that a man who lacks confidence conveys this to the entire world through his body language, and is literally inviting anyone and everyone to push him around, hit on their girlfriend, cut in front of them in line, etc (you don’t want to be that guy).

If these are situations you can relate to I have some great news for you. You can quickly transform yourself into a man who radiates confidence (letting everyone know that you are not a guy to be messed with). This confidence will not only keep you out of fights (you will not be targeted) once you are in a fight it will raise your odds of winning.How am I so sure that confidence is crucial to winning and avoiding fights?Well in my 20 years in the self defense industry I have worked with dozens of top level instructors from all walks of life (Street Fighters, Navy Seals, Delta Force Commandos, Israeli Defense Force Special Ops Soldiers, Defense Contractors, Masters in various Martial Arts, Navy Seal Instructors, Bar Bouncers, Police Chiefs, Prison Gang Leaders…and the list goes on) and they all have one thing in common, they ooze confidence and have something known in the law enforcement industry as ‘command presence.’These experts all think that their fighting style and techniques are the ones that will win any fight. But working with dangerous men from so many different backgrounds has enabled me to zero in on the ‘It’ factor that they just can’t seem to identify.Yes you have to have a specific set of skill to be successful in a conflict (I’ll get to that in a bit), but…even more important you need to have the confidence that those skills will work and be in touch with the ‘animal’ side of human nature. Yes I know we all have an animal side in us, but what I mean is the ‘Alpha Male’ pack leader animal side.Here’s what I mean…have you ever seen two dogs confront each other where one bares his teeth, raises the hair on his back, then growls, while the other lays his ears back, tucks his tail and trots off. That’s the kind of thing that happens every day in the human world, but on a much more subtle level (like when an alpha male makes eye contact with another guy who instinctively glances down and away).The one dog avoided a fight by simply telling the other dog I’m meaner and stronger than you. In the human world the alpha male tells other guys (and gals) he is the top dog by simply using certain eye contact patterns, body gestures, and voice tone.Okay I could write a book on all this body language and alpha signals stuff (actually I already have but I’m not going to give the best stuff away for free…sorry), but you are here to learn how to fight. So that’s what I have to teach you.Aside from having confidence and projecting that confidence to those around you a man has to have an arsenal of self defense and fighting skills to ensure that he winds up on top when the proverbial dust settles.Targets Trump TechniquesThe key to developing the nastiest set of fighting skills is a little counter intuitive. You have to think about targets not fighting techniques (don’t worry these come later).What do I mean by targets? Simple, where on the body should you hit the guy. This is to crucial to overlook. Lack of target awareness is one of the biggest weaknesses of standard martial arts (it gets overshadowed by the fancy techniques of a flying kick etc).

To put it bluntly, an amazingly executed flying kick will look pretty silly when your attacker ducks out of the way. If you want to be a brutally efficient fighting machine you have to focus on high value targets.I’m talking about things like the eyes, the throat, the solar plexus (that spot that knocks the wind out of you), knees, ears and various other parts of the body. High value targets have to fulfill one or more of the following criteria: Extremely painful, distracting, or incapacitating (they can’t move easily afterwards).Effective Techniques are the Last Step: This is where it all comes togetherOnce you have these targets in mind you need to learn techniques that are easy to master, don’t rely on brute strength (attackers are usually bigger than those they attack), and techniques to use from various fighting ranges (kicking, punching, grappling, and ground range).Some examples are: knee to the groin (not too complicated but highly effective), eye gouges (extremely distracting), ear slaps (excruciatingly painful yet simple a 10 year old girl could use it) just to name a few.After you have started exuding confidence, identified the best fighting targets and learned how to attack them in an efficient way you will be ready for just about anything, and you never have to step foot in a dojo to do it.